Geopark application process

Applications to become a UNESCO Global Geopark are coordinated by the UNESCO Global Geoparks Secretariat in UNESCO.

Prior to application, the area should be operating as a de facto UNESCO Global Geopark for at least one year. This means that all of the elements of becoming a UNESCO Global Geopark should be in place before submission. 

The timelines for submission of UNESCO Global Geopark applications and evaluation procedures are as follows:

  1. Aspiring UNESCO Global Geopark sends a letter of intent to UNESCO  by 1 July
  2. Submission of application dossier to UNESCO between 1 October and 30 November
  3. Verification check on completeness of documents
  4. Desktop evaluations of international geological heritage until 30 April
  5. Field evaluation missions take place between 1 May and 31 July
  6. Field report submitted to UNESCO Global Geoparks Council before 15 August
  7. Recommendation of applications at UNESCO Global Geoparks Council meeting in September
  8. Endorsement by the Executive Board of UNESCO in Spring of following year

For more details on the UNESCO Global Geopark application process see here

UK and Irish Geopark Committees

A number of countries, including the UK and Ireland have established national geopark committees with the assistance of their relevant National Commission for UNESCO.

The UK Committee for UNESCO Global Geoparks and the Irish UNESCO Global Geoparks Committee coordinate activity between the UNESCO Global Geoparks in the UK and Ireland respectively. They also have the following functions:

  1. Facilitate Geopark development and promotion at a national level
  2. Guide, support and mentor existing and aspiring UNESCO Global Geoparks in the UK and Ireland
  3. Appraise all new UNESCO Global Geopark applications in the UK and Ireland before submission
  4. Liaise with the relevant National Commission to UNESCO to submit new UNESCO Global Geopark applications